Pioneer® Strong Arm Cylinder (Aftermarket)


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Stroke: 36"

Терміни та умови
30-денна гарантія повернення коштів
Доставка: 2-3 робочих дні

The Pioneer® Strong Arm Cylinder HR4752 is designed for use with the Pioneer RP4500SAR and RP4500SARG auto-tarp systems, commonly utilized on roll-off trucks and trailers. This hydraulic cylinder features a 36-inch stroke, making it suitable for extending and retracting the tarp arms on these systems​ 

The HR4752 is a robust and durable component, often used on both the driver and passenger sides of the tarp system. It operates as an arm extension cylinder, playing a crucial role in the efficient covering and uncovering of truck loads. The cylinder is also compatible with aftermarket parts, ensuring flexibility for maintenance and replacements​