Young Grapple Cylinder MAC-15W359

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  • Bore
  • Rod Diameter
  • Stroke

This combination does not exist.

Bore: 4"
Rod Diameter: 2.5"
Stroke: 12.5"

Терміни та умови
30-денна гарантія повернення коштів
Доставка: 2-3 робочих дні

This high-strength, rugged hydraulic cylinder, is rated at 5000 psi, it features a 4-inch bore, 12.5-inch stroke, and a 2.5-inch diameter rod. It is designed as a replacement for the YOU-15W359 and Nordic 1236 models, and serves as a replacement grapple cylinder for Young® grapple models LMG100C, LO100B/C, LO125B/C, LO150B/C, LO200B/C, and LO250B/C.

This cylinder is known for its durability and efficiency in heavy-duty applications, including logging, construction, waste management, and agriculture. It ensures enhanced lifting capacity and operational efficiency