Young Grapple Cylinder MAC-15W503

Models LO100D through LO250D (Aftermarket)

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  • Bore
  • Rod Diameter
  • Stroke

This combination does not exist.

Bore: 3.5"
Rod Diameter: 2.5"
Stroke: 13.5"

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High-strength, rugged cylinder, engineered to withstand demanding conditions with a rating of 5000 psi. This powerhouse features a 3.5-inch bore and a 13.5-inch stroke, complemented by a robust 2.5-inch diameter rod.

Designed as an aftermarket replacement for the YOU® 15W503, it is the perfect replacement grapple cylinder for Young® models LO-100D through LO-250D, MODEL W503 grapple. Experience superior performance and durability with this top-tier component, crafted to meet and exceed your equipment's needs.